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Schism Derma Carens Toads Poison

You can buy schism derma Carens poison Toads for sale discreetly online and ship it overnight. Buy highly pure psychedelic venom of the Red toad in the USA.

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Buy toad venom of schism derma Carens online

Schism derma carens, commonly known as Red toad, is a medium-to-large toad. Males can have a snout length of 88 mm and the females reach a length of 92 mm. This toad has a less warty back as many toads of the same size.

You can buy schism derma Carens toad venom online. Schism derma Carens poison for sale. Schism derma carens is in Central and South - Eastern Africa, is widely used. The northernmost parts of its distribution area includes the North-West of Tanzania and the Maternal in the South of Kenya. The species occurs in the South-East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the East of Angola, and to the West of Zambia and also reached the South-East of Botswana, southern Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and the province of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Although it has not been detected in Lesotho, it may also be there (Poynton et al. 2004).

The Red toad tolerated a wide range of life, but mainly in grasslands and wooded savannas. It is also found on cattle farms in the vicinity of human settlements and agricultural land. This species is terrestrial and breeds in fresh water. His Brut depth, silence, body of water, including dirty water (Poynton et al sites in the rule. 2004) and toads poison

Life history, Abundance, activity, and special behaviors

Although the Rotkröte is widely used, you will find the Brut much easier to (Poynton et al. 2004). The call takes place predominantly in the high summer, and the males call while you are swimming in the shallow water, to make the females of advertising for themselves (Channing and Howell 2006). The call sounds like a loud, long cry with a duration of 0.9–1.2 seconds and dominant Harmonic is between 0.1 and 0.8 kHz. Calls during the day are made.

After heavy rains, the toad breeds in the daytime in deep, muddy water. The males to reach the breeding grounds in the midst of the younger Vegetation in the deep water in front of the females. A poet distance is the Norm, where the males are 300 mm apart from each other. The males call and chase each other while they are actively trying to mate with other frogs. As a response to the Calls of the females enter the area. The eggs are deposited in Amplexus in a double row, while the Couple is moving slowly in the water and rows of eggs series of forms. Eggs can be attached to the Vegetation and the females of the animal to leave shortly after oviposition. The clutch size is 2500, and each Egg has a diameter of 1.6–2.5 mm. There are countless toads lay their eggs at similar times, can be filled the waters with more than tens of thousands of eggs at a time.

The Red Toad has social tadpoles, found sometimes in mixed flocks with tadpoles of the African ox frog Pyxicephalus adspersus. These tadpoles are due to a horseshoe-shaped skin flap on the head morphologically unique (Channing 2001; Channing and Howell 2006).

The adult animal sheds its skin every 4 days (Channing and Howell 2006). Buy toad venom of schism derma carens online

Trends and threats

The Red Toad it is a fairly common and widespread species is not currently threatened. The tadpoles can be hunted by dragonfly nymphs, helmet turtle (Pelomedusa subrufa), hammer-head turtles (Scopus umbretta) and folding turtles (genus Pelusios). The Savannah snake Thelotornis capensis eats young Rotkröten, while the white snake Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia and the eagle owl Bubo lateus lips eat adult toads (Channing and Howell 2006).

Relationship to humans

The Red Toad often lives in close proximity to the people.


The specific Name Carens is Latin and means "missing" and refers to the Absence of parotid glands (Channing and Howell 2006). Other common names are red toad, African gap toad, Kazoli on Lwena and Manganja, Conga on Sena, Naliwonde Yao, Rooiskurwepadda in Afrikaans and Zonde in Chewa.

Biochemical evidence suggests that S. carens is disconnected for about 55 million years ago, evolutionarily from other toads (Channing 2001). Buy Toad Venom of schism derma carens online


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