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Vials with magic mushroom spores



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Select spore vial tribes Albino A+ Psilocybe Cubensis B+ Cubensis, Burma, Psilocybe Cubensis, Cambodia Cubensis, Costa Rica Cubensis, Ecuador Cubensis, Golden Teacher Cubensis, island, Fiji, Psilocybe Cubensis, Mazatapec Cubensis, McKennaii Cubensis, Mexicana, Psilocybe Cubensis Treasure Coast Psilocybe, Thai Ban Hua Cubensis , Red Boy Psilocybe Cubensis PES Hawaiian Psilocybe Cubensis PES Amazonian Cubensis, Pensacola Psilocybe Cubensis, Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis, Nepal Cubensis, Orissa, India Psilocybe Cubensis, P. Fanaticus Original PFO Cubensis


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