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You can buy Psilocybe Baeocystis mushrooms online | fungal species

Psilocybe baeocystis  it is named after its characteristic wavy cap, wherein baeo-cystis "small bubble" means something, the fungus resembles the fresh state. More frequently it is found under the pseudonyms "bottle cap", "button cover", "blue bell" or "olive lid"; All the information is based on the different characteristics of the cap. Together with the undulating waves of the cap at the time of handling or age discolored slightly from a chestnut-brown to Olive green to a metallic dark blue.

Eine relative Kuriosität bei dieser Art ist, dass ihre Wirksamkeit im frischen Zustand deutlich höher ist und beim Trocknen normalerweise auf mindestens die Hälfte abnimmt. Dies kann auf die sehr hohen Konzentrationen von Baeocystin zurückgeführt werden , einem psychoaktiven Analogon von Psilocybin , das mit zunehmendem Alter und niedrigerer Luftfeuchtigkeit abgebaut werden kann. Diese Verbindung, die in  Psilocybe frequently occurs, but usually in much lower quantities occurs, according to the fungal self-named because it was first found in nature and characterized.

In addition to the eponymous connection points P. baeocystis  also psilocin values , the count to the first three. During the Psilocybin content is moderate to low in the vicinity of  P. Cubensis is , contains this type is also a small but effective amount of Norbaeocystin, a similar Alkaloid as the other. All in all, this results in a fresh condition, a very effective fungus: A large dose would be 1-3 mushrooms or up to five grams. In the dried state, a sample of just one gram of it can generate vivid effects.


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