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Psilocybe Stuntzii | Blue Ringed Mushrooms | Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe stuntzii is regarded as a weak-to-moderate psychoactive. When you Collect for such purposes, it is essential that the identification of safe and that each mushroom is carefully checked before it is stuffed into the ubiquitous plastic sandwich bag. Psychoactive Psilocyben have a disturbing tendency, together with the potentially deadly Galerinas and Conocybes.

How to identify Psilocybe Stuntzii | blue ringed mushrooms

In order to identify Psilocybe stuntzii, you would have to first take a look at the cap, as this is the most striking feature. The most striking feature of Psilocybe stuntzii of the diaphragm ring is usually on a stick is present; This is unusual for a Psilocybe. Otherwise, it is fairly typical for the genus.

The cap is initially conical and convex then flat. It is dark olive-brown, translucent striped and in a wet state viscous and fading in Drying to a yellowish tint. The stem is pale and will darken with age. The bluing reaction is typically weak, and most clearly recognize the Ring. and is regarded as a weak-to-moderate psycho-active

Psylocybe/Psilocybe Stuntzii-Habitat

The best place to find Psilocybe stuntzii, are fresh gemulchte gardens in the whole of the Western Region of the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning of August until the end of December can be scattered in small groups on a new lawn with fresh grass, on coniferous wood chips and on soils with high waste wood watch

In Seattle, Washington, on it grows, however, the whole year. This magic mushroom has also been spotted in other areas, such as California and as far South as Santa Cruz.

Should/can Psilocybe Stuntzii be taken with other medicines?

Psilocybe stuntzii is a powerful Psychedelic, and should never be used with other mind-altering substances are mixed. Here is an Overview of the effects of Psilocybin from Psilocybe stuntzii is, if it is taken in combination with conventional drugs.

Psilocybin and Cannabis. Bei Verwendung mit Marihuana werden die mit Zauberpilzen verbundenen visuellen Halluzinationen intensiver. Sie sollten nicht miteinander gemischt werden, wenn Sie keine Erfahrung mit Psychedelika haben.

Pilze können auch die üblichen Auswirkungen von schlechtem Gras verstärken: Angst, Verwirrung und Wahnvorstellungen. Wenn eine Mischung dieser beiden nicht vermieden werden kann, ist es am besten, mit nur einem Bruchteil der üblichen Cannabisdosis zu beginnen und von diesem Punkt an schrittweise zu steigern.

Psilocybin and alcohol. Diese Kombination wird nicht empfohlen. Alkoholkonsum führt zu Dehydrierung, Müdigkeit und Übelkeit. Hohe Alkoholdosen haben nur negative Auswirkungen. Die psychedelische Erfahrung wird abgestumpft und körperlich anstrengender. Der Konsum von Alkohol ist nur während der Entspannungsphase nach der Einnahme von Pilzen sicher .

Psilocybin and other hallucinogens. Other hallucinogens such as nitrous oxide and Ephenidin should not be taken together with Psilocybe stuntzii. Together, they will distort the sense of reality and perception, which leads to separation and detachment from the environment and the Self. The hallucinations are more realistic. Also Nausea, confusion, and delusions are stronger.

Psilocybin and MDMA. Methylendioxymethamphetamin, auch bekannt als Molly oder MDMA , ist ein weit verbreitetes Amphetamin. Bei alleiniger Anwendung kann es Angstzustände lindern und sogar Muskelentspannung, Geselligkeit und Euphorie fördern.

If Psilocybin and MDMA are used together, the visual, physical and cognitive effects of MDMA, which leads to an overwhelming euphoric bliss. Their interaction is unpredictable, but, fortunately, was never reported on the potential toxicity of this combination.

Psilocybin and benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines reduce the intensity of the physical, visual and cognitive effects of a Psilocybin Trip. You can mitigate a bad Trip. However, the intensity of the trip will be greatly reduced, and the mushroom pickers are suffering from insomnia and amnesia.

Psilocybe stuntzii is best enjoyed when taken alone and without other medications that weaken its effect, or out of control could bring. For the best of the Psilocybin experience, you only need a pair of magic mushrooms, a positive attitude and a pleasant environment.


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