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ALL Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe Are AVAILABLE!



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Sélectionnez le Sporenstamm de Fidji-Cubensis-de spores de champignons, Albino A+ Psilocybe Cubensis, Amazone PES Psilocybe Cubensis, Cambodge Psilocybe Cubensis, Equateur Psilocybe Cubensis, Golden Teacher, Mazatapec Psilocybe Cubensis, Mckennaii Psilocybe Cubensis, Mexicana Psilocybe Cubensis, Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis, de Chitwan au Népal Psilocybe Cubensis, Pensacola Psilocybe Cubensis , Thaïlandais 'de Ban Hua' Psilocybe Cubensis, Treasure Coast Psilocybe Cubensis, 'Burma' Cubensis, B+ Cubensis, Orissa India Cubensis, Penis Envy Cubensis, PES Hawaii Cubensis, Red Boy Cubensis, Texas Cubensis

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Albino A+ psilocybe cubensis, Fiji cubensis Spores de Champignons, PES Amazonian psilocybe cubensis, le Cambodge psilocybe cubensis, Equateur psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teacher, Mazatapec psilocybe cub ensis, Mckennaii psilocybe cubensis, Mexicana psilocybe cubensis, Mondo psilocybe cubensis, de Chitwan au Népal psilocybe cubensis, Pensacola psilocybe cubensis, Thai ‘ de Ban Hua ‘ Psilocybe cubensis, Treasure Coast psilocybe cubensis, ‘Burma’ cubensis, B+ Cubensis, Orissa India cubensis, Penis Envy cubensis


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