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One Up Mushroom Cookies and Cream Online buy sell.

One Up Mushroom Cookies and Cream is a new Psilocybin chocolate bar, which is very popular in the USA. These psychedelic fungi were developed by 1up, inspired by the Super Mario Games. Due to the increasing popularity of Magic Mushrooms and micro-dosing. Many fungal consumers are in search of a psychedelic food that tastes good as well as effective. Therefore: One-Up Mushrooms. These chocolate bars are perfect for a long Trip continued with the creamy Nuttiness of your favorite chocolate bar. Cookies and cream

Cookies and cream

This is one of the most popular flavors for One-Up bar. Enjoy delicious, soft and creamy chocolate bars, to wear the traditional flavor of Cookies and Cream in. This is the perfect bar for all of the Magic Mushroom users have complained earlier about the bitter taste. We also have other delicious flavors including:

Cookies and cream
Clover leaves
Thin Mints
We have also created One-up rubbers and cans for those who fancy a Snack, and not in the mood for a chocolate bar.

To sell One up Mushroom Bar

One-up psychedelic mushroom-chocolate bars are surfaced due to their rising popularity everywhere. We recommend that you choose this psychedelic chocolate mushrooms from the official Website to buy, to ensure that you are panels of authentic chocolate and not some cheap fake obtained. We do not sell our psychedelic chocolate bars only at the best prices, but to educate our buyers about the correct way on how to consume chocolate bars in order to avoid a bad Trip. magic maushroom buy Cookies and cream

One Up Mushroom Latch Buy

On the official One Up Mushroom-site you can buy high quality authentic chocolate bar from 1up and other chocolate bars from brands such as Punch Bars, Wonder Bars and Wonderland Bars. Cookies and cream


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