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Where can you buy One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

To sell One up mushroom bar, you Open up a world of flavor with our One-Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar. The unique blend of Premium chocolate and natural ingredients creates a sensual experience that is both delicious as well as memorable. Whether you're a longtime Fan or a first Time try, you will be convinced of her irresistible charm.
Each panel of our One-Up Mushroom Chocolate is carefully and made with love to the Detail. She is a vegan and gluten-free, and thus offers a guilt-free indulgence for people with dietary restrictions. Detailed nutritional information and information about allergens are available at all times, so that you can enjoy our product, with a clear Conscience.
The One-Up Mushroom-chocolate Board is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a quiet evening, a special event or a thoughtful gift. With our beautifully designed gift box will impress every recipient. And where you can buy the One-Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar? Look no further! Order Online has never been so easy. With just a few clicks, you can secure your purchase, discounts in our convenient delivery service directly to your door.
Discover the delicious One Up Mushroom Bar. Every delicious bite of this bar takes You to a fantastic Kingdom, like the world of Mario, and offers a clean noise and a tasteful method of ingestion. Thanks to the One Up Cookies and Cream Mushroom Bar you have to take in the enjoyment of fungi, no more compromises. To sell One up mushroom bar
Any One Up Mushroom Bar contains 3.5 grams of mushrooms, and is ideal for micro-dosing, especially for people with little or no tolerance. It is recommended to share that extraordinary experience with close friends and family, to experience an unforgettable time.  Mushroom

What is the impact of One-Up Mushroom Bar?

One of the most well-known benefits of these One-Up mushroom bolt is your psychedelic effect. The consumer can lead to a euphoric feeling you get incredibly high and exceptional feel. This effect relaxes your mind and your body by reducing Stress in the brain. She has the ability to put you in the sleep. In addition, chocolate can help to alleviate a less severe torment.

Try it today and leave us your review!

  • Reduce Stress
  • Fears ease
  • They stimulate the brain cells
  • Focus increase

Caution! In the case of the taking of the infusion of resources, it is important to start slowly and in a safe place. You during the use of this product, no motor vehicles.

One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bars packaging and dosage

Each of these 1up-panel packs contains ten chocolate bars, with an average weight of 3.5 mg. The accurate weight measurement, it allows you to take the exact amount of mushrooms in the Form of chocolate to. In addition, a full pack (10 bar) weighs an average of 35 grams.
Each piece of this fungus chocolate bars weighs about 290 mg. This mushroom plates rates from twelve chocolate Quad and weigh a total of 3.5 g.
The precise weight measurement, it allows the consumers to consume the right amount of Psilocybin in the Form of chocolate that has no bitter, grainy or sandy taste.
Before you buy a chocolate bar with mushrooms, you should necessarily know what it is and how it is consumed, it should be. Where can you buy a chocolate bar with mushrooms?
  • The 1up mushroom packages contain 12 pieces of chocolate, each piece weighs an average of 375 mg, for a total of 3 grams per package.
  • For beginners 1 the square of the 1up mushroom bar for a micro dosage is sufficient. During the 4 squares for the more experienced consumers who want a high dose, is recommended. This also depends on the ability of the Individual to tolerate high doses.
  • This sweet and tasty chocolate bars with a mushroom have the ability to put yourself in a different world. The intake is easy and delicious, and the dose is high and pure. Since these fungi are now available, you no longer have to suffer the consumption of mushrooms. For an extraordinary experience, you should try the 1up mushroom bar. For sale is a 1up mushroom latch is.

How to enjoy the 1up mushroom-candy bar?

Start with a small amount, e.g., 1 or 2 pieces, waiting up to 60 minutes, in order to assess the therapeutic effect, and You then decide to take further Airhead-Edibles You want. Each person reacts differently to Psilocybin-chocolate-candy. Your body weight and metabolism, as well as the threshold of tolerance play a role. When taking a product, it is important to start slowly and in a safe environment. Never drive a car while You are in this product do.

One Up Mushroom Chocolate Wholesale

One up mushroom to sell the bar; Are you a retailer looking for a unique, sought-after product for its customers? Or you are organising a large event and need a large stock of high-quality Treats? Our One-Up Mushroom Chocolate is now available for wholesale orders available!
Our chocolate offers amplifiers, a unique blend of high quality ingredients and natural flavors, which are processed into a product that offers both a fantastic taste as well as a unique sensory experience. Each bar is divided into eight exact portions, so that your customers can control their consumption.
As a wholesale customer, you benefit from substantial discounts on bulk orders, providing you with the perfect opportunity to expand your product range, or to deliver a great event without you having to blow your Budget.

1 Up Mushroom Flavors

First of all, the 1 Up Mushroom-chocolate bars are not your typical sweets. In addition, this with Psilocybin offset Treats are one of the strongest on the market, which enable a journey in a whole new universe. 1 up mushroom sells mushroom chocolate bars in different flavors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Vegan
  • Clover leaves
  • Tagalongs
  • Dark chocolate and
  • Biscuit and Cream flavors to offer the ultimate in diversity


To sell One up mushroom bar


Is it legal to buy mushroom chocolate in large quantities and wholesale?

One Up Mushrooms is a legal product that is sold in 46 Asian and European countries. One Up Mushrooms does not require approval to sell its products, and all of its ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Import restrictions also apply if individual products, but not all, as for human consumption, suitable to be explained. One Up Mushrooms is a combination of mushrooms, and chocolate, which is only for Pets available and not for human consumption. This product is produced according to a unique process, in which a number of fungal extracts and consisted of mixed parts. The ingredients are then combined to form a dough-like powder, which is cooked to a bar. Illegal One-up mushrooms are not the same as this. penis envy

The chocolate and the Magic Mushrooms make the One Up Super Chocolate Bar. Please read our FAQ section for more details, read our Shipping policy


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