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Champignons Shiitake



Shiitake Mushroom For Sale | Oh Shiitake Champignons | Shitake
Shiitake mushroom are edible champignons native to East Asia. They’re tan to dark brown, caps with that grow between 2 and 4 inches (5 et 10 cm).
While typically mangé like vegetables, shiitake are moisissures that grow naturally on tomber en décadence hardwood trees.
Shiitake champignons are one of the most popular champignons worldwide.
They are prized for their rich, savory touche and divers health benefits.
Composés dans les shiitake may help fight cancer, boost immunity, et de support pour la santé du coeur.
Shiitake Mushroom Benefits | Champignons Shitake Nutrition
Shiitake champignons contain many chemical compounds that protect your DNA from oxydatif damage, which is partly why they’re si beneficial. Lentinan, for example, heals chromosomes damage caused by traitements anticancer. Eritadenine substances help reduce cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health. Researchers at Université de Shizuoka au Japon found that eritadenine supplémentation significantly decreased plasma concentration de cholestérol.
Champignons Shitake are also unique for a plant because they contain all eight essential amino acids, along with a type of essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with weight loss and muscle building. It also has bone-building benefits, improves la digestion et réduit le food allergy and sensibilités.
Shiitakes donc ...
1. Fight Obesity
Certain components of the shiitake mushroom have hypolipidaemic (fat-reducing) effects such as eritadenine and b-glucane, a soluble dietary fiber that’s also found in orge, de seigle and avoine. Studies have reported that b-glucane can increase satiety, reduce food intake, delay nutrition absorption and reduce plasma lipides (fat) niveaux.
A 2011 study published in the Journal of Obesity examined the effects of champignons shiitake on le plasma lipides profiles, fat dispositions, energy efficiency and body fat index. Conseil were fed a high-fat diet for a six-week period. Researchers found significant effects of dietary intervention on body weight gain. Conseil on a haute dose of shiitake mushroom diet (which involved adding mushroom powder to a high-fat diet) had 35 percent lower body weight gain than conseil on low and medium shiitake mushroom diets. Conseil sur la haute dose de shiitake mushroom diet donc had significantly lower total fat masses and had a tendance of lower fat cumul.
The researchers concluded by suggesting that shiitake champignons can help prevent body weight gain, fat deposition and plasma triacylglycerol when added to a high-fat diet. This encourages à l'effort to pursue human studies that examine the efficacy of shiitake champignons for the prevention and treatment of obesity and related metabolic disorders.
2. Support De La Fonction Immunitaire
Champignons have the ability to boost the immune system and combat many diseases by way of providing important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A 2015 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition evaluated 52 healthy males and females, aged 21-41 years to determine if champignons shitake could improve human fonction immunitaire. The study involved a four-week en parallèle group trial involved that participants consommation de either five or 10 grams of mushrooms daily.
The results suggest that consommation de champignons improved cell effector function and improved bien immunity. There was also a reduction of inflammation due to mushroom consumption.
3. Destroy Cancer Cells
Research suggests that shiitake champignons help fight cancer cells and the lentinan dans shiitakes help heal chromosomes damage caused by traitements anticancer. This suggère shiitakes could be used as a potential natural cancer treatment.
A 2006 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine investigated the potential roles of ethyl acetate fraction from shiitake champignons. The study involved two human breast cancer cell lines, one human nonmalignant breast epithelial cell line and two myeloma cell lines. The results suggest that shiitake champignons were able to inhibit de croissance de la tumeur cells with their mycochemical value. Champignons Shitake successfully été intronisé apoptosis, the process of programmed cell death.
4. Support Cardiovascular Health
Shiitake champignons have stérol compounds that interfere with the production of cholesterol in the liver. They also contain puissants phytonutriments that help keep cells from sticking to blood vessel walls and forming plaque buildup, which maintains healthy blood pressure and improves circulation.
A study conducted at de l'Université Tohoku, au Japon, found that shiitake champignons prevented blood pressure increase in hypertensive rats. Shiitake feeding resulted in a decrease dans les VLDL and HDL cholestérol, whereas maitake champignons feeding caused a decrease dans les VLDL cholestérol only.
5. Contain Antimicrobial Properties
A 2011 study at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute à Londres tested shiitake s antimicrobial effects on gingivite, a preventable disease that involves inflammation of the gums due to the buildup of a microbial biofilm at the gel de la marge. The effectiveness of shiitake champignons que compared to that of the active component in the leading gingivite mouthwash, containing chlorhexidine.
The total bacterial numbers as well as the numbers of eight key organisms in the oral communauté were investigated after treatment. The results indicated that shiitake mushroom extract lowered the numbers of some pathogenic organisms without affecting the organisms associated with health, unlike chlorhexidine, which had a limited effect on all organisms.
6. Boost Energy and Brain Function
Shiitake champignons are a great source de la vitamine B, which help support adrenal function and turn nutrients from food into useable energy. They also help balance hormones naturally and break through the brain fog to maintain focus all day long — even improving performance cognitive.
Millions of Americans come up short on one or more of the B, vitamine c, and that causes energy slumps, unhealthy blood cell and adrenal effects, and foggy thinking. Ajout de champignons shiitake to your diet can give you the extra boost of B, la vitamine that you need to avoid a deficiency.
7. Provide Vitamine D
Bien que la vitamine D is best obtained from the sun, shiitake champignons can also provide a decent source of this essential vitamine. La vitamine D is important for bone health as well as reducing the risk of heart disease, le diabète, autoimmune diseases and some types of cancer. It’s vital for the absorption and metabolism of calcium et de phosphore, too.
Getting ample supply of vitamine D also helps regulate and support the immune system, maintain healthy body weight, maintain brain function as-you-age, reduce the severity of symptôme de l'asthme, reduce the risk of developing rhumatisme articulaire dans women, and reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Champignons, as well as wild caught salmon, raw dairy and eggs, are the best vitamine D-rich foods.
8. Promote Skin Health
When selenium is taken with vitamine A et E, it can help reduce the severity of acne and the scarring that can occur afterward. A hundred grams of shiitake champignons contain 5.7 milligrams of selenium, which is 8 percent of your daily value. That means shiitake champignons act as a natural acne treatment.
Dans open trial, 29 patients were given 0.2 milligram of selenium and 10 milligrams of tocophéryl succinate for their acne twice daily for six à 12 semaines. After treatment, the patients noticed positive results. The zinc dans shiitake champignons donc promotes immune function and réduit buildup of DHT to improve skin de guérison.


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